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Losing my husband so suddenly and tragically was very devastating. With your professional and caring healing techniques I quickly recovered from the trauma. I was able to cope with life's daily stress in a stable manner. The rapid transformation was incredible.

-Elke Lewis-

​This is a blissful relaxation technique that induces a profound state of well-being through balancing the body and mind.

European Foot Reflexology called Zonetherapy comes from Norway. 

It is a very thorough and deep treatment invoking a healing response in the body.

Tonya is a European Master Reflexologist and is both state and nationally certified.

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The work I received from you has been one of the most helpful tools I have used for my healing. The difference in my daily life is extremely valuable to me. 


​​Uses the power of guided imagery to attain altered states of awareness.

Gain profound insights about yourself, your purpose and your relationships to others.

Hypnotherapy engages your subconscious to help you attain your desired goals.​

Tonya is certified by the Wellness Institute, Jamal Hypnotherapy, American Institute of Hypnotherapy and The Newton Institute.
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Our Services

​​Want more energy? Less stress? 

A better memory? 

Wish you had someone to help you reach your goals?

​We are here to help you! 

That is what a health coach does! 

Having a coach and working together makes reaching your easier and a lot more fun.

Tonya has worked many years with local doctors patients, helping them to achieve their health goals.

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Reiki in Issaquah. 

Reiki healing clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways.

This allows your life force (Chi) to flow in a healthy and natural way. 

Then healing  can occur in your body.
It is a very relaxing therapy that everyone enjoys.

Tonya is a certified Reiki Master and teaches Reiki classes.

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I faced loss of my job and the death of a loved one. Tonya was miraculous in the time it took her to deliver positive and permanent results. I highly recommend her to anyone at any stage of life.

-Bob Hunter-

​​European Reflexology and Healing Arts

"You've changed my life. Thank you so much. I feel so different and my friends keep telling me how much I've changed. My life is so much better now."

-Maureen Bright-